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The event was organized by these community members:



Aeba is a Kingdom Hearts essayist and Disney enthusiast on YouTube. She is a new addition to this years’ March Caprice organizer team and is looking forward to connecting with other people and finding new friends through the shared love of a very special series.



Chaineh is a Senior Administrator on the KHDatabase, and has helped on various other sites such as KH13, The Keyhole, and KHWiki. He was one of the organizers from the previous March Caprice, and is excited to see the community come together.


Danielle Carpenter

Danielle is a magazine editor for Level Story Magazine as well as a Twitch streamer. Bringing her experience from the last March Caprice, Danielle is thrilled to see what people create for this huge milestone for KH, and she’s ready for the community to go all out!



Kinode is a YouTube essayist, musician, and graphic designer. He was one of the organizers from the previous March Caprice, and is looking forward to the sense of unity that comes with the event. He can’t wait to help provide a fun experience for everyone to bond over together.



KeybladeSpyMaster is a Senior Administrator at the Kingdom Hearts Database and one of the founding organizers of March Caprice. A long time fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, KSM is always looking for new opportunities to bring the community together.



Limen is a Melody of Memory streamer, most known for his blindfolded runs. He is the co-founder of Louisiana Tech Esports. Limen is happy to join the March Caprice Team to host the Melody of Memory tournament.




Orpheus Joshua

Orpheus Joshua is the Deputy News Editor for KH13 and one of the organizers from the debut March Caprice. He is thrilled to see this event return and unite the Kingdom Hearts community once more.





Regular Pat

Regular Pat is a Kingdom Hearts essayist on YouTube and streamer on Twitch. He was one of the organizers from the previous March Caprice, and he loves getting to see people from all corners of the fandom share their passion projects. It imparts a heightened sense of community for him.

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