What is March Caprice?

March Caprice is a virtual gathering of fans of the Kingdom Hearts video game series. Its goal is to showcase and support the incredible hard work, projects, and talents of the community through the uniting force of the series. We invite all who wish to show off their latest content, ideas, and more to participate and join us in celebrating this incredible series!

How does it work?

Content creators of all kinds will premiere pieces of media that revolve around the KINGDOM HEARTS series, and we’ll be promoting it on our website and various social media. Illustrations, Writings, Merchandise, and Cosplays can be viewed in a static gallery on our website, and in a rotating gallery that will be streamed to our YouTube and Twitch channels during the days of the event. Videos will be hosted on the creators’ individual channels according to a preset schedule. Music, Merchandise, and Cosplays will also have a spot in the schedule were they’ll be showcased on our own YouTube and Twitch channels.

When is the event?

March Caprice is an annual event that occurs in late March. This year, March Caprice will be held from March 24th to March 26th, 2023. However, a lot of our schedule is dependant on how many people sign up. We’re confident that we’ll at least fill three days, but do keep an eye out for any changes.

Who is involved in the event? 

The event staffers are listed on the organizers page. All of the participants will be revealed when the schedule is officially released.

Where/When can I see the schedule?

We will post the schedule to the website as soon as we have it finalized the week of March 19th, so you may want to check back often. Any major website updates will be announced on our social media accounts.

Is there a cost to be a part or attend the event?

Both attending the event and participating in the event are totally free. Save that money you would’ve spent going to a convention on supporting the participants!

Where can I sign up to be a part of the event?

You can sign up using the forms on our home page. With the exception of Livestreams, all sign-ups will be closed on Janurary 14th, 2023. Livestream sign-ups will be closed Februrary 25th.

What types of entries are suitable?

Any type of talent is welcome! If you would like some inspiration, take a look at our previous events.

May I submit more than one entry?

Absolutely. However, you are not guaranteed to have all of your submissions approved. We are only allowing one entry per person per medium. The mediums are as follows:

  • Artistic Mediums: Illustrations and Cosplay
  • Vending Mediums: Merchandise
  • Video Mediums: Livestreams and Pre-recorded Videos
  • Writing Mediums: Written work
  • Musical Mediums: Music

How do I submit as a group?

You will need to select a Group Leader who will be the correspondent between your group and March Caprice. This Leader will submit ONE (1) entry with their username and email, but will provide the usernames and social media accounts of all participants of the group.

Is there a length minimum or maximum for my submission? 

  • Writers: Your works must be over 1,000 words, and under 3,000 words if they want to be hosted on-site. See the help page for more details.
  • Pre-recorded videos and livestreams: They must be over 3 minutes and under an hour, with the exception of music entries.
  • Music: Anywhere from 2 minutes to 10 minutes
  • Cosplay Showcase videos: There is no minimum, but it must not exceed 3 minutes.

I’ve never made a certain type of work before, can I submit my first one to March Caprice?

In order to make sure that you have the capability to create a work in a category you sign up for, we require that you have already created at least one piece of work in a category you intend to present before signing up. For example, if you’ve never made a written piece of work, but you have a portfolio of illustrations, you are more than welcome to sign up for an illustration, but not a written piece. Take this time to create post(s) with your profile(s), and please resubmit once you’ve begun to build your portfolio.

Is this event family-friendly? 

If March Caprice were a movie, we’d give it a rating of PG-13. Participants and content may use some coarse language, but we encourage folks to be as family-friendly as possible. In general, you can apply common sense to the content you make. If you are unsure whether your submission is permissible, please contact us directly. Keep in mind that some creators may be toning it down for event, so take caution when engaging with these creators outside of March Caprice if necessary. Participants that violate this are subject to expulsion from further March Caprice events.

Do you take donations?

Due to some of the new widgets we’re using for our website, yes! We’ll have more information on how you can donate in the future.

May my content feature copyrighted materials?

As far as official copyrighted material: because your work will be featured on your own channel(s), we’d encourage you to abide by those platforms’ upload terms. Any copyright infringement or action taken by copyright content owners will still be your responsibility–our role will be promoting your work during the day of the event.

As far as using the likeness of other creators or their work: You need their permission before using other people’s likeness or work. If we get a takedown request from the featured person, it will be taken down without hesitation.

Can I submit already existing work or do I need to make something new for this event?

Any content presented for March Caprice must not have existed in the public before November 1st, 2022. This way, the event will be a new experience and will encourage your audience to explore your previous work. 

May I feature NSFW content?

Your submission may not feature any NSFW/18+ content. If March Caprice were a movie, we’d give it a rating of PG-13. We encourage this event to be as family-friendly as possible. We reserve the right to reject a submission for any reason, but in general, you can apply common sense to the content you make. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us.

May I feature SFW shipping content?

We are not allowing shipping content for March Caprice. If you have any concerns about a potential entry, feel free to contact us.

May I submit a piece of work that is only tangentially KINGDOM HEARTS related?

This event is intended to celebrate the creatives within the KINGDOM HEARTS community, and as such, we will likely not approve pieces where KINGDOM HEARTS is not the primary focus of the piece.

Can I submit a piece that will be sponsored?

If you can get a sponsor for your submission, by all means, feel free.

What has changed from last year?

Please look forward to more information in the near future. In the meantime, take a look around the website to see what has changed so far!

When is everything due? What’s the timeline look like?

Please note the timeline below for our new process. The biggest change is that entries won’t be approved until AFTER the final piece is submitted. 

    • November 5th: Sign-ups open
    • January 14th: All sign-ups (except livestreams/writers) close
    • February 11th: Writing sign-ups close
    • February 13th: Check-ins go out
    • February 18th: Check-in due
    • February 25th: Livestream sign-ups close
    • February 27th: Send out schedule forms to Video creators
    • March 4th: Final Submissions due, Schedule form due
    • March 8th: Approvals sent out
    • March 11th: Participant content changes due
    • March 13th: Schedule goes to participants to ask for any changes
    • March 18th: Schedule changes due
    • March 19th: Schedule goes public
    • March 24-26: March Caprice III

May I ask any additional questions?

Absolutely; feel free to join our Discord or message us on Twitter and we will reply as soon as we can. Our team has weekly meetings, so you can expect an answer within the week.

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