Announcing March Caprice

Welcome to March Caprice: A Celebration of Kingdom Hearts, a virtual gathering of fans of the Kingdom Hearts series that will showcase the talents, passions, and projects of the community! We want to provide this virtual gathering as an opportunity to have the community come together to celebrate each other and our work, as well as celebrate the anniversary of our beloved Kingdom Hearts series.


We are open to anyone interested in showing off any kind of content, from video streams and discussions to artwork, from music performances to game mods. This also provides us an opportunity to support those who invest so much of their time and effort in so many incredible projects, and who sometimes rely on conventions and gatherings to sell those creations to support themselves. 

  • Video Discussions and Essays
  • Game Streams
  • Music performances
  • Artwork
  • Custom-made merchandise
  • Game mods
  • …and more!

How to Participate

Sign up using this form ➡

You can participate in our live stream of content during the event, either with a video game stream, or a discussion video, whether you produce your content on YouTube or Twitch! Or you can participate by showing off your Kingdom Hearts-inspired artwork or merchandise. We’ll be hosting a complete gallery of art and merch stores for anyone who wishes to be promoted in the event! If you’re a content creator, use the form to tell us what you want to show off.

And regardless of whether you consider yourself a content creator, mark the date and spread the word! March Caprice will be on March 27 and 28, 2021! Bring your friends and join in this incredible collaboration of the community to celebrate the Kingdom Hearts series! 

Sign ups have closed! Be sure to check out the event on March 27 and 28!

POSTED on February 1, 2021


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